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and all with direct access to one of the most beautiful beaches in Sicily.


San Vito Lo Capo, una delle più belle spiagge della Sicilia.
Casa Madre


Villa on the beach of San Vito
Lo Capo, is one of the few
houses that have direct access
to one of the most beautiful beaches of Sicily.


tenuta del firriato
Villa Firriato


The villa is located on the coast, along the most beautiful coastline in Sicily on the borders of the Zingaro, a natural park.


Villa sulla spiaggia di San Vito Lo Capo
Villa Canneto


Villa on the beach of San Vito Lo Capo, is one of the few houses that have direct access to one of the most beautiful beaches of Sicily.


San Vito Lo Capo

San Vito Lo Capo
San Vito Lo Capo is a Mediterranean seaside village with typical by low houses with large terraces and courtyards - "the beams”. Via Venza, Sanctuary Square, via Savoy and other streets in the centre are the heart of the village with flowers, benches, climbing plants. In the tourist season (May to October) the historical centre is closed to traffic and becomes a pedestrian area for strolls, window shopping, delicious ice-creams, concerts and other cultural venues



Sulla vetta più alta inciela una medievale borgata irta di torri. È il piccolo borgo di Erice, dominato...Erice is located on top of Mount Erice, at around 750m above sea level, overlooking the city of Trapani, the low western coast towards Marsala, the dramatic Punta del Saraceno and Capo San Vito to the north-east, and the Aegadian Islands on Sicily’s north-western coast, providing spectacular views.

Marsala and Mozia

Distinta e ornata da moltissime grandi chiese, da monasteri di diversi ordini religiosi... Marsala is an Italian town located in the Province of Trapani in the westernmost part of Sicily. Marsala is the most populous town in Trapani, and the fifth largest in Sicily.


Le origini di Palermo si fanno risalire tra l’VIII e il VII secolo a.C., all’epoca della colonizzazione... The city is noted for its history, culture, architecture and gastronomy, playing an important role throughout much of its existence; it is over 2,700 years old.


Nordica miscela d’acqua anice cielo mare Trapani ingabbiato di gru metalliche galleggianti e torbide scritture...Trapani was founded by the Elymians to serve as the port of the nearby city of Erice (ancient Eryx), which overlooks it from Monte San Giuliano. The city sits on a low-lying promontory jutting out into the Mediterranean Sea.

Riserva naturale
dello Zingaro

La costa dello Zingaro è uno dei pochissimi tratti di costa della Sicilia non contaminata dalla presenza di una strada...is the first natural reserve that has been set up in Sicily in May 1981. it stretches along about 7 kilometers of unspoilt coastline of the Gulf of Castellammare and its mountain chain which is the setting of little bays and steep cliffs.